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To your new job

Challenge yourself while inspiring others.
Bring all your unique ingredients to your job.

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your potential

Challenge yourself while inspiring others.
Bring all your unique ingredients to your job.

What is the RISE Programme?

The Coca-Cola HBC RISE Management Trainee Programme is a job designed to challenge young, talented graduates to kickstart their career and transform them into the next generation of leaders. The programme blends trainees’ unique qualities and skills with a fast-paced environment, mentoring from top leaders, an international community and early exposure to full accountability.

RISE programme represents a full time job. The programme itself lasts two years, where the trainee is immersed into the FMCG industry with support throughout.
From the start, our Management Trainees will get to work on important projects that have an immediate business impact.
As the programme progresses, the level of responsibility and assignments increases – creating a dynamic and challenging environment for them to rise to their full potential. Upon successful completion of the programme trainees will have the opportunity to take on junior manager positions in the company.

We are looking for trainees in the following teams: Sales, Manufacturing, Production Maintenance, Logistics, Marketing, Data Sciences & Finance.

Applicants for Manufacturing & Production Maintenance can choose between our Belgrade Plant or Vlasinka Plant. 

What are we looking for?

  • Recent university graduates with 0-2 years of postgraduate experience
  • Students in their final year
  • Potential, ambition, willingness to learn and positive attitude
  • Extracurricular activities like volunteering, taking an active role in student organizations, sports or other
  • Fluency in English
  • Fast learners
  • Likes to challenge the status quo


The campaign is open from February 25th till April 7th
The assessment should last till May.
Start of programme is in September.


After I applied for a job in Coca-Cola HBC, I went through many rounds of selection. Considering that I finished molecular biology, I never believed that I could get a job in Sales, but right now I am a part of the Key Account Support Team. Everything is possible if you try hard enough! Coca-Cola HBC is an exciting, vibrant and interesting place to work, filled with great and passionate people, where new challenges and opportunities await around every corner! So, why not apply?
Good luck and I hope I’ll see you here soon!

Maria Mihailović

After being a part of Coke Summership in 2017, I am thrilled that I got a chance to start my career in the best way possible, by being a part of Rise Management Trainee Programme. Not only does this programme represent a unique opportunity to acquire an incredible amount of knowledge and work in a dynamic environment, but it also is a place where I got to meet a lot of friendly and inspiring individuals who take this experience to a whole new level. As a part of the Commercial Finance unit, I am exited to see what new experiences will each and every day bring; how I can improve, learn more than I did yesterday, develop my skills and create new opportunities.
Apply and start the journey of a lifetime!

Nataša Cvetanović

If you prefer assigments out of your comfort zone, have ability for agile adaptation, possess interesting educational backround but still want to improve, Management Trainee programme will RISE you to your full potential. This is a great opportunity for energetic, sharp and passionate young people. As a part of Commercial Service department I have strong mentorship support, a chance to analyze and enchance market execution, with day-to-day access to new business insights.
Are you ready to get TRAINEEd? 😊

Sara Racić

Rise Management Trainee program is without a doubt one of the best decisions I made for my professional career. I found out about the program during Coke Summership, when I had my first contact with Coca-Cola HBC. A few months later, here I am – a trainee with a full-time job and a great opportunity for fast development and advancement through this excellent program. Sales techniques, challenging environment, positive atmosphere, chance for development – these are just some of the benefits that this program provides.
If you take your development seriously and want to have a great job and surround yourself with great people be sure to sign up for this program.

Marijana Đorđević

Applications for the Rise Program are closed.

Dear candidates, thank you for your interest.